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Jose Hinojo

Software Developer

I love what I do

As a CS Student programming has always been an interest of mine.
I like creating apps, websites, sometimes even games. I do not limit my learning to the classroom as some things must be learned elsewhere.


Most of my schooling has consisted in the use of the Java Programming language. I've been taught various concepts and algorithms including the use of Java Swing GUI. I've used various IDE's such as netbeans, eclipse, and android studio.

Web Development

Most of my web development knowledge has been acquired from self-study sources such as Freecodecamp, codecademy, youtube videos, and paid udemy courses. Utilizing HTML5, CSS, and Javascript I can create various web solutions & applications for you, your company, or even for myself.


Thanks to Udacity's Grow with Google Challenge Scholarship I have been blessed by being taught by professional developers in the Android Intermediate Program. I can create apps with local SQLite Datebases and apps that fetch JSON and more.


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